Cesare MeroniPartner

Born in Milan on 24th October 1965
Associate since 01/01/1992

E-mail: meronic@aaaspa.it

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Registration on the rolls

  • Roll of those performing the profession in the College of Bookkeepers and Qualified Accountants of Milan and Lodi at no.1814 since 09/02/1989.
  • Roll of Technical Consultants to the Court of Milan at no.8163 since 17/06/1992 in the category of Bookkeepers with the speciality “Company evaluation, Company accounting and analysis of Balance Sheets, Evaluation of Vacant and Benefit Succession and Real Estate”.
  • Register of Auditors at no.37914 with Ministerial Decree of 12/04/1995 published in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic, supplement no.31 bis – IV special series – of 21/04/1995, in accordance with the provisions of the Leg. Decree of 27/01/1992 no.88.
  • Degree in Juridical Sciences from the Guglielmo Marconi Telematic University in Rome.
    Expert in the list of Crisis Managers of the Body for the Composition of Crisis by over-indebtedness (OCC) of the Arbitration Chamber of Milan and of the ODCEC in Milan.

Characteristic activities in the Studio Associato

  • Pre-tender and tender activities ex arts. 67 F.L./182Bis/160/161 6th L.F.
  • Asseverations ex Art. 67/161/182bis L.F.
  • Pre-legal assistance. Company surveys/evaluations.
  • Taxation cases.
  • Technical/contractual assistance for real estate.
  • Conciliation/Arbitration.
    Public and non-public civil and criminal technical consultant.
    Liquidations/Judicial Administrations.

Company appointments

  • Chairman of the Board of Auditors
    Società Immobiliare Agricola Luxemburghese Spa.
  • Auditor
    Centro Studi Ambrosoli.

Appointments from the Court of Milan

  • Receiver, Trial Commissioner, Official Receiver and administrator of vacant succession.
  • Appointments for assessments of real estate and movables, company evaluation and expert opinions (C.T.U.)
  • Judicial custody.
  • Judge’s delegate at the Bailiff’s Office.

Institutional activities

  • President Insolvency Proceedings Commission College of Book keepers Milan until 31/12/2007.
  • Member of the Commission for the registration of the expert consultants of the Civil Court of Milan.
  • Vice-president Crisis and Procedures and Insolvency Proceedings Commission of the Order of Chartered Accountants and Expert Bookkeepers in Milan.
  • President Crisis and Procedures and Insolvency Proceedings Commission of the Order of Chartered Accountants and Expert Bookkeepers in Milan from 2008 to 2010.
  • Member of the National Commission (Bankruptcies) of the Order of Chartered Accountants and Expert Bookkeepers.
  • Member of the Commission for insolvency and auxiliary procedures of the judge of the Order of Chartered Accountants and Bookkeeping Experts in Milan.
  • Manager of the Body of Composition of the Crisis (OCC) from over-indebtedness of the Chamber of Commerce of Como, Lecco, Mantua, Milan-Monza-Brianza-Lodi, Pavia and Varese.


  • Happy father of Luisa, Edward and Giorgio.
  • Enthusiastic grandfather to Beatrice.

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